To support our operations, Mobile Patrolling Services is also recommended to our clients. This is also an effective method to ensure the safety of our clients property. The devices used for monitoring and tracking is a gadget which locks and clocks all activity in real time. This gadgets are implemented according to its latest version in technology.


Armed /

We are here to secure on your assets and properties both inside and outside business hours. Our armed security guards services comprised of well-trained and experience security officers and security guards in professional uniforms to provide maximum protection services for your property including residency home, office, bank, shop, shopping mall, hotel, factory and etc. 


To create solutions that will help you manage, mitigate and avoid risk while protecting your assets. We offer our abilities, expertise and resources to minimize all security threats to our customers, allowing them to focus on running their businesses.

Gurkha /

We also provide Nepalese (Gurkha) guards services. These guards has to go through a series of stringent recruitment process in Nepal before being brought to Malaysia. Most of them are ex-Military and Law and Enforcement Officers which is well trained in all aspects of security measures. They are well disciplined, trustworthy and very committed to the tasks entrusted to them. They are trained with basic English and go through stringent tests carried out during our own interview sessions in Nepal.


We provide bodyguard services to protect our clients, their families and their employees. Our bodyguards are trained to the highest standards and are very experienced in protecting people in a wide variety of situations, from moderate to extremely high risk.


K9-Handler security guard consists of a cost-effective, quality and reliable K9 unit providing varied, customized solutions to your specific security needs.

investigations (PI)

We ensure the team of Investigators and Detectives carry out their job in full confidence, keeping confidentiality and information very discreet. Our team of Investigators and Detectives uses state-of-the-art techniques and equipment to ensure good success and results of investigation carried out.